Tuesday, February 1

:: Second time blogging in blogspot ::

Assalamualaikum kepada semua yang dapat membaca blogg I ni..
Anyway, this is my second time use blogspot.com to write a blog..yang first account tu lupa password.. xanga pula off terus that account, sebab i have that blog just for him..

But now, between he and me was over.. So, tak payah la nak fikir-fikir pasal dia lagi..^_^
I'm single and not available for now even though I'm not in love with him anymore.. ;)
Back to the point, image of book and stethoscope refer to my background that is "I'm a medical student"! I wanna be a doctor..  
( intelligent + smart + gorgeous + kind ) of doctor ;P
I'm a very open minded person.. you can ask any questions that you want especially about medical..
Today, nothing special happened.. But yesterday, I watched "The Green Hornet" with my sis.. The movie was so cool and I love the car designed by
"Jay Chou".. 

Awesome!! Sesiapa yang tak tengok lagi boleh la pergi esok ke.. or waiting for the CNY.. next movie maybe tengok dengan my sis lg + my bestfriend "Dangdut" ^_^ 

~ As Andrew ~


  1. ape dangdut2 wei ... ?

    hahaha damn !!

    wahhh belog die shemart doyh !!

  2. shemart pun dangdut tolong jugak.. ^_^

  3. hahaha ;D

    wehh nt bt entry baru post lah kat fb ;))

  4. insya-Allah.. tapi tak nak open sangat sebab banyak rahsia nak tulis ;p

  5. nyut2..macam mana nak buat bagi tengah pic welcome to my blog tuh.. T__T